Study abroad

Our College joined the ERASMUS program several years ago. Thanks to Erasmus our students can spend from one to two terms studying at a foreign university or college, our teachers may gain new experience teaching in a foreign language at a partner institution. Our students study at institutions of tertiary education with a specialization similar to ours. Currently the students can easily study in Portugal or Lithuania. Choosing another country is also possible after agreement.

What does the study abroad comprise?
The student will study the subjects which he/she chooses beforehand out of the selection of subjects taught in foreign language at the given partner institution. The studies will be fully acknowledged; already before the departure the student will know the conditions of his/her studies after coming back (acceptability of the subjects, extension of exam period etc.).
Why is it good to study abroad?
Participation in ERASMUS program is possible only once for each student throughout his/her studies at any college or university. Apart from studies and professionalism, real usage of a foreign language and improving communication skills is highly important. The student meets colleagues from all over Europe and may find a life-long friendship. The mobility is supported by European Union.
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College of Logistics Students‘Mobility

It has been more and more common recently that university students spend one or two terms studying in other European countries. This is possible mainly thanks to the Erasmus program, one of the main EU programs for education and professional training. The Bolognese Process even supposes that by 2020 at least 20 percent of tertiary education graduates will have experienced studies or professional training abroad.
Such quantity of students moving back and forth among institutions requires much careful organization. Firstly it is necessary to find an institution with a specialization similar to ours and with subjects taught in English or some language mastered by our travel-eager student. This task is often quite challenging.
College of Logistics is a tertiary education institution of technically-economic orientation specialized in Logistics. We find partner institutions among purely technical universities or purely economic universities. Thanks to the international contact seminars we managed to find ideal partner institutions with similar approach to logistics. Belgian Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg, Finnish Turku University of Applied Science, Polish Warsaw Customs and Logistics College or Lithuanian Kauno Kolegija are institutions open to our students and teachers for several years already. College of Logistics newly cooperates with Vocational College of Traffic and Transport Maribor in Slovenia a Latvian Maritime Academy in Latvia.
The exchanges of students and academic staff are very beneficial for both partner institutions. The incoming students enrich the academic discussion with new points of view and different approach; incite our students to deeper thoughts and more respect to cultural diversity. The teachers return with new didactic and scientific findings. The Erasmus contact seminars are therefore indispensable key enabling institutions to find one another, negotiate mutual cooperation and thus organize the student and academic staff exchanges.

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