Education in the field of logistics has recently become an essential and indispensable necessity and it proves that professionals with university education in this subject are required. It is not only managers with specific skills aroused by the needs of modern logistic systems that are needed, but also professionals educated in logistic-systematic way with enough "technical" information and the ability of "technical" thinking in solving and preparing optimal processes.

Why to choose College of Logistics then?

1. Because certain exceptionality of the study of technical-systemic logistic questions, expressed also by the accreditation of bachelor's study at the College of Logistics till 2014, creates the qualification for

  • training university educated professionals in the specific, interdisciplinary, quickly developing area of logistics,
  • building the profile of the college up to such standards that ensure its full-value incorporation among other technical tertiary education institutions regardless of their being universities or not.

2. Because of the composition of the common bachelor nucleus subjects
(identical for the first year students of all specializations) which are gradually supplemented by compulsory specialized subjects as well as optional subjects. The college thus prepares educational profile of the student, which the student can manage partly, so that the graduates fulfil the current requirements of the labour market.

3. Because College of Logistics provides students with necessary knowledge of basic, preparatory and specialized subjects which are indispensable for managers´ ability to ensure systematic movement of personnel, information, material, semi-products and final products to the customer.

4. Because College of Logistics creates all prerequisites for learning systemic attitude in problem solving. As a technical school, College of Logistics trains creative thinking and creative attitude to problem solving. College of Logistics supports technical originality and practical applicability of submitted solutions.

5. Because there is a possibility to study an accredited consequent master's degree program N3713 Logistics (accredited till 2011) not only for graduates of College of Logistics bachelor's study programs. Bachelors may continue studying the second grade of tertiary education and after two years of studies they obtain a degree of "Certified Engineer – Ing."

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