College Profile

College of Logistics is a private technical college of non-university type, offering – as the only college in the Czech Republic – the first two levels of tertiary education (Bc., Ing.) in a unique study programme Logistics (B3713 Logistics and N3713 Logistics).

The main objective of the study programme B3713 Logistics and N3713 Logistics is to train a specialist for specific professions in logistics of transport, services, tourism,aviation and information management.

Currently the only teaching language at our college is Czech, however we would like to introduce also teaching in English language in future.

Other goals of the study programme are:


  • To provide education in the basic theoretical knowledge from mathematics, physics, logistics, operations research and informatics, applicable in various parts of logistics systems (transport, transport infrastructure, private and public services). This base is supplemented by education in economic and legal disciplines in transport, management and services. The graduate has the prerequisite to apply this knowledge in solving practical problems of transportation and services provision processes. 


  • To conceive the bachelor level studies so that they enable the graduates to find work in managerial posts of various logistic companies, in companies dealing with logistic systems (transportation and forwarding), in institutions providing private and public services.


  • To extend language preparation focused on cultural, political and professional written and spoken communication to enable the graduates to find employment in international companies.


  • The common nucleus in the first academic year and widening choice of professional individualizing disciplines in the following academic years enables training of a specialist equipped with professional knowledge and skills necessary for accomplished achievements in various logistic systems.


  • To involve our students in solving practical problems from the fields of transport and provision of services in both private and public sector and thereby help them develop their creative skills.


Not only for the graduates of our bachelor's degree programmes, but also for the bachelors graduated at other institutions with ECTS standards, a successive a master's degree study programme N3713 Logistics is offered. The length of the study is two years and the successful graduate earns a degree of certified engineer.

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